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Hanafi Mohd Sam


Goal-oriented marketing expert with natural talents in developing and implementing successful strategies, driving profits, increasing market shares and strengthening customer dominance. Hardworking, performance-oriented leader offering proven expertise in project development, team supervision and campaign enhancement. Prepared to bring 10+ years of progressive experience and take on challenging position with opportunity to make lasting impact on company and customer success.


Brand Development
Project Management
Strategy Development
Market Analysis
Market Positioning
Staff Management
Social Media Proficiency
Thought Leadership


  • I build websites on WordPress, Shopify, Wix and SquareSpace.
  • My photos are edited on Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop.
  • I shoot videos on Canon M50 and are edited on Adobe Premiere Pro or Lumafusion.
  • Presentations are made on Keynote or PowerPoint.
Neu Entity Team on Branding Discussion
Strategy Session

Work Experience


June 2022 – Current
Reka Studio, Singapore, SG


April 2021 – Current
Guided Hustle, Singapore, SG

Marketing Director

March 2022 – June 2022
MIJ Hub, Singapore, SG

Brand Manager

April 2021 – March 2022 

Asia Plantation Capital, Singapore, SG

  • Conceptualized brand identity and developed unique accompanying
    graphic style and tone for use in communications
  • Planned, implemented and tracked sales and marketing strategies
  • Developed innovative marketing campaigns based on key objectives


Jan 2020 – May 2021
Neu Entity, Singapore

  • Worked with Founder to sustain and grow agency’s clientele and team
  • Worked with leadership to strategize and introduce office initiatives
  • Oversaw agency’s day-to-day administrative operations, provided
    guidance to support staff and enforced compliance

Chief Executive Officer

Oct 2018 – Jan 2020
Neu Entity, Singapore

  • Performed high-quality business strategies and plans ensuring their
    alignment with short-term and long-term objectives
  • Coached and guided managers to improve effectiveness and policy
    enforcement, resulting in improved employee job satisfaction and higher
    performance levels
  • Review financial and non-financial reports to devise solutions or
  • Analyze problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to
    ensure agency survival and growth

Marketing Director

Apr 2017 – Sept 2018

Neu Entity, Singapore

  • Plan and execute marketing strategy for agency and for new and existing
  • Spearheaded market research to identify branding opportunities, cement
    strategies and sustain loyal customer base
  • Implemented marketing strategies which resulted in 100% growth of
    customer base in local market
  • Boosted brand awareness and generated leads while managing internal
    and external marketing campaigns and programs

Digital Marketing Manager

Jan 2016 – Mar 2017

ALQ Creative, Singapore

  • Brand strategic development, digital marketing plan and execution for B2B
    & B2C
  • Administered marketing calendar and posted new content to coincide with
    new product and service releases
  • Spearheaded client meetings to determine project needs and professional
    requirements and identify correct course of action enhance client success


Hanafi was the CEO at Neu Entity when I joined and taught me quite a lot on Project Management and Client Acquisition. We've worked on many projects together and he's a true asset to the team. He's a team player who thinks on his feet and never settles for a no. His ambition and passion for what he does is uncanny, and it's been a pleasure to see his progress and grow more confident in his professional role over time. I thoroughly recommend him for any leadership or project management roles.
Sarah Atan
Consultant, Neu Entity
My role as a Creative Consultant was a sudden to me as I’ve only had experience as a Graphic Designer. The jump was drastic for me however under the guidance of Hanafi, I was trained and onboarded into the role seamlessly. He gave words of confidence and clarity as one would need from a Senior and a Leader. Hanafi sees the best potential in everyone and he has a talent in drawing it out. The best lesson I’ve learn is to experiment and experience to find the best solution and to empathise with our clients to provide the best for them. It was a great time to be working under Hanafi and with him.
Laila Badriyah
Consultant, Neu Entity
I engaged Hanafi's company Neu Entity three years ago to work on my brand. The company assigned Hanafi to work as a project manager for my company. I recall that throughout the engagement, Hanafi communicated well and was extremely helpful, always being able to attend to my requests in developing the brand. While this may be expected from a typical client-company relationship, what left a greatly positive impression was Hanafi's ability to suggest concrete, implementable, and effective ideas for branding that were highly aligned to my company's requirements. This was all the more impressive given that Hanafi is neither from my industry, nor did he have any prior experience in the specific education sector that I was in, yet he was able to learn quickly and get himself and his team up to speed in providing the best possible service to me, and for my company's branding needs. I wish him the best in his future endeavours, and I believe he would be successful in contributing effectively to any job he is applying for.
Dr. Cassim Munshi
Founder, Cass Munshi Education
My search for an objective point-of-view that is customised to my needs ended when I approached Hanafi for his business coaching sessions. In just a few weeks, he has successfully helped me untangle the messy weeds that have grown due to my lack of confidence, organisation, and forward planning. I now understand my approach to my business better and I know what to expect out of my work in the foreseeable future. I’m confident that I’ll gain much more clarity as time passes thanks to Hanafi’s guidance and reassurance.
Manisha Dhalani
Content Writer, ManishaDhalani.com
Hanafi has been a really great mentor. Like legit hahaha! I have known him since January 2019, and ever since then, he has been guiding me and we stayed in contact till now. I went on to get mentored by him more seriously and alhamdulillah, I have learnt a lot from him, like no kidding! He guided me and ensured that I do things properly. I can sometimes be a bit hard to understand some things so he made sure I understand everything properly before proceeding forward. He answers my questions clearly and if I am still in doubt, he will not hesitate to clarify for me further. Without Hanafi, I don't think I will be where I am today in terms of my entrepreneurship journey! I would like to thank him for everything he has done for me since 2019!
Firdaus Razak
Freelance Designer, 15th Design


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