Brand Identity / Website

A new brand identity for the backbone that powers halal with blockchain technology providing users with Halal Assurance and Traceability Management System.

Finalised Logo Design for WhatsHalal
WhatsHalal One Page Brand Guidelines

A quick one-glance brand guidelines.

WhatsHalal Before and After Logo

The new identity is more professional and shows that WhatsHalal is a Halal blockchain tech company.

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WhatsHalal Logo Design Concepts

First draft of logo concepts

Selected Logo Concept Design for WhatsHalal

Selected design

WhatsHalal Branded Pen

Logo Rationale

This logo is called The Unity.

The logo mark from the selected option is made via rectangle with isometric view.

Combining 4 shapes with a rounded curve at the corner and 4 variation rotation with different colours with the “W” all around.

WhatsHalal (the letter W) surrounds and protects the purity of the square (like Kaabah) in the middle to symbolise the sanctity of Halal.

The meaning of this logo is a visualisation of centralised data with a complete ecosystem for Halal, giving out the essence that WhatsHalal is relatable and trusted.

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Black and White / Greyscale Logo for WhatsHalal
WhatsHalal Pull Up Banner Design
WhatsHalal Designed Pitch Deck Presentation
Website Development for WhatsHalal
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