10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Be More Productive

Entrepreneurship is a skill that one learns not born with. Most of the skills and personalities that make entrepreneurs succeed are developed with time and effort.

Being productive is one such skill that determines an entrepreneur’s success. So here are some ways that we use here at Neu Entity that can help you become more productive to increase your success rate.

Set time limits to complete tasks

The time required to do a job will depend on the type of business and your personality. To become more effective, you need to concentrate on completing tasks within a certain amount of time. This way, you won’t waste time to avoid missing the deadline.

Take Breaks

Just like the old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” you need to give yourself time to rest. Take small breaks in between tasks to help your mind relax and prevent your body from becoming stiff.

During the breaks, don’t think about or read anything negative because that can demoralize you. You can go outside to get fresh air, move around or play some energetic music. When you go back to your tasks, you won’t realize how fast you are done.

Avoid distractions

Some of the most common distractions that you are going to encounter are social media, emails, instant messaging, and texts. To increase your productivity, you need to do something about them. You can consider putting your phone to silent mode or if you aren’t using internet connection while working, turn it off. You can also go to a quiet place to help you concentrate more on your work.

Plan your day ahead

Failing to plan is planning to fail. You need to plan your day of time to avoid being confused about where to start from when you get to your office in the morning. Failure to plan will see you waste the whole of your morning idling around wondering what to do.

Before going home after work, make a list of tomorrow’s things to do. You are more energized in the morning, and you need to exploit that to get most of your tasks done. Having a guide and checklist on what you’re supposed to accomplish for that day will help you achieve that. You will accomplish a lot of tasks within a short time.


Prioritize tasks according to urgency or the amount of time required to complete them. Failure to do this will divert and divide your attention which results in poor work output.

Avoid multi-tasking and delegate

Focus on handling a single at a time if you want to become productive in entrepreneurship. Multi-tasking will leave you with many half-completed tasks or if completed, not the way they are supposed to be done.

Then, remember that you can’t do everything on your own. Delegate some tasks to other people to save on time. You should explain the job at hand to avoid any misunderstandings to avoid a poor output.

Stay organized

Always keep you working area in order. This will help you avoid losing valuable time locating what you need like documents, papers, and pens among others.

Avoid too much chat communication

Technology advancement has facilitated easy communication for entrepreneurs. Some mode of communication like emails and instant messengers do not require hearing the person on the other end.

Even though they are good means of communication, too much usage can lead to time wastage.

Instead, of replying several times to emails and text messages, calling the person on the other end is more convenient. This will save time and even make the message being delivered clearer.

Do not compete with others

The achievement of others does not measure your productivity level. Do not try to compete with others when you see how they have progressed. This will be letting them dictate how you work. You should set your goals and start working towards them at your own pace.

Subdivide Tasks

When handling a task, break it down into smaller chunks if it’s possible. That’s how you set objectives and truly succeed in marking them off your to-do list.


The above ways can help you become a more productive entrepreneur. Well, I hope you try them now for a successful entrepreneurship adventure.

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