6 Ways to Make Your Brand More Human

There’s something compelling about companies that aren’t afraid to be human. Whether you’re a marketer or a company founder, it’s important to show a side of your brand that people want to get to know. People love to work with brands that are human. Brands that are relatable and approachable. They’re the ones that people […]

The Difference Between A Personal Brand and A Business Brand

The Difference Between A Personal Brand and A Business Brand

In an age of social media and mobile devices, it’s hard to imagine having a personal brand that isn’t part of a bigger business brand. But the two are not necessarily the same. When it comes to marketing yourself, it’s not only about your product and service. It’s also about how you market and brand […]

How to Grow Your Social Media Presence Effectively

Social media marketing is the most effective way for brands, institutions, and organizations to engage with their audiences. It also helps them raise brand awareness, generate leads and revenue. When I started telling business owners this about 8 years ago, most of them used to brush me off but today, this is very unlikely. With […]

Brand Clarity Is Important And Here’s Why

If you are an entrepreneur looking for ways to increase brand awareness or brand marketing, you must at the very least understand what brand clarity is and how it can affect your business as a whole. It goes without saying that branding is important in a business. It’s not just about naming your company or […]

Branding Agency vs Freelancer – Which Is For My Business

Many business owners wonder which is the best for them when they need to choose between hiring a freelancer and a branding agency to help with branding their business. Having been a freelancer creating websites and doing digital marketing before working in a branding agency based in Singapore, I have been on both sides of […]

6 Methods to Maintain Your Brand Identity

I get this question quite a lot so I figured, this would be a good time to actually write an article about this. Just before 2019. In today’s world where competition has become so intense, brand building is paramount for any business that wants to remain in existence, or at least stay relevant. Customers across […]

Importance of Branding Strategies in Business

Brand building can be referred to as a natural activity for companies and organizations. Positive brand images are required for a business owner to reap full benefits. Over the past couple of months, we’ve done plenty of brand strategies for different businesses and we figured that sharing this will tell you why it’s important to […]

Different Types of Video Marketing Format for Businesses

If you’ve seen the way I’ve published my videos on my social media, those videos are all vlogs. Aside from vlogs, there are many other types of video marketing for businesses. Brands require an effective video marketing strategy to make them stand out among the rest. Gone were the days when one was required to […]

How Personal Branding Can Help Your Business

Personal branding is the process of creating a public persona for a target audience. It entails accurate and careful communication about your purpose, beliefs, goals and values. Think about Nike as the largest brand’s public image. The company has formed a brand around supporting those living active lifestyles, building high-performance products and celebrating athletes. You […]

Branding Through Social Media

Most people nowadays spend their time online, and knowing how to take advantage of the vast audience and users on social media can be helpful in boosting the sales of your business, be it large or small. Social media is a place where people from all walks of life hang out together “virtually”. Numerous topics […]

What you need to know about growing your brand…

The modern world of business has become very competitive. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to create a brand that your current and potential clients can associate with. Branding is an important aspect of business. It basically answers the question of what customers need to know about your business. This information […]

Know More About Branding – An Introduction


Most meetings I’ve been to require me to know more about the client’s company and their branding before I can prescribe the best for them so I normally start by asking if they have already done a brand strategy. Usually, what they’ll mention to me is that they already have a company name, tagline and […]

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