Business Website. Do You Still Need One?

Oftentimes, I get questioned if a business website is still important to have considering there are plenty of social media platforms that allows business owners to get their message across.

Your website is an important piece of your digital marketing strategy. Your website is an asset. It’s a tool that has so much potential to change your business – and not only that but your life, too. It acts as a gateway or a front porch to your business. It also helps you to gather information, get leads and depending on your business model, it might even help you close a deal on the spot!

Some business owners look at this as a form of credibility. Especially if you are running a B2B model, other business owners may look at your website to see the services that you have to offer that would benefit them.

In this day and age, there are plenty of consumers using different types of mobile devices. In fact, the number of mobile online consumers have surpassed the number on the desktop.

Why am I suddenly telling you this?

The reason is as mentioned before. Your website is an important piece of your digital marketing strategy.

Your Business Website has to be mobile responsive

With more users scouring the internet via their mobile phones, for your business website to be effective, it must be mobile optimized. While the user experience doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to at least be good enough for you to be able to track and convert the online users who are browsing your website. Your website needs to be intuitive and eliminate all barriers so that your visitor is able to accomplish their goals effortlessly.

If your goal was to get your visitor to sign up, and he does, then you have managed to accomplish your goal in getting what you want from your visitor.

However, do note that each page might require a different approach.

It might take a few tries before you get the right format or layout for your website but no matter how many tries it takes, you should always design the site with mobile in mind. Conduct multiple testing and checks.

At Neu Entity, we go through various steps just to make sure the clients get the website they deserve. We make your visitors feel welcome and make sure that, aside from the product that you want to push to them, the branding strategy enforced in the development of your business website leaves a lasting image in your visitor’s mind.

With the help of the social media platforms, you can drive a good amount of traffic to your website with proper marketing. We see social media platforms as an extra marketing hand to help you boost your business.

So do you still need a website for your website? Yes.

Is your website mobile optimized?
Is it ready to capture the leads coming in from social media platforms?
Are you able to accomplish the goals you’ve set for the visitors?

If you’ve managed to answer these questions, you know you are on the right track.

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