WordPress Web Development Trends in 2018

As most of you already know, I tend to create websites on WordPress which I feel is an undisputed leader in the world of content management system (CMS) websites. Its popularity is attributed to its rich content and presentation (and plugins, of course!). It offers exceptional features and tools which makes it easy for web […]

Why Landing Pages Are Important

Online marketers from the past years are using the term “landing pages” to emphasize getting more and more people at a specified action.  These days, landing pages are only required elements as part of your digital marketing toolbox for every business. A landing page is page people always land due to an email or ad […]

Business Website. Do You Still Need One?

Oftentimes, I get questioned if a business website is still important to have considering there are plenty of social media platforms that allows business owners to get their message across. Your website is an important piece of your digital marketing strategy. Your website is an asset. It’s a tool that has so much potential to […]

8 Colors and How They Affect Sales

It certainly comes as no surprise that colors have a huge psychological effect on sales, and specific colors are used in branding for very specific purposes. When you think of the use of color, think of Coca-Cola. Could it ever be anything but red and white? Colors used in branding and packaging are carefully chosen […]

Unlocking Your Website’s True Potential

There are tons of accessible information on the Internet on how to build your site, so I thought it would be good to share with you just a little more. Read on to discover how to unlock the true potential your website. Your visitors are generally in a rush. You have between 3 to 7 seconds to […]

Things to Consider When Building A Website

Creating a website can take longer than you expect. It’s best not to cut corners when designing a website. Proper planning of how you want the website to be done can go a long way. Oftentimes, I get clients who “just want the site to work” and “want it fast”. If you are hiring a […]

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